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bu kızla görüşme yapmayan kişiler ( kızın ajansı olması muhtemel ) fake yorum atarak insanları kandırıyor. parayı ağaçtan toplayan gitsin görüşsün bu kızla. zorla sevişme yapacak, fotolarından 10 kilo fazla soğuk bir profil. paranızı çöpe atın, yine buna gitmeyin.
Ufaklık seni seviyorum teşekkürlerwinked
love Bu kız üçüncü kez - çok güzel! Güzel atletik vücut, güzel gözler ???? O bir melek.
"I will not send u nothing I dont have to send u nothing u book ticket and I was sick idiot"
This is answer from this fake escort
Ciao, puoi passare la notte con me?
"I need you to write me the ideal date as soon as possible"
"2-8 december good for you?"
"It would be great"
"So you want to see in December, does that date suit you, check for December & February"
"The ticket is good"
"Yes, tickets in my email"
"Everything perfect"

So Nicole Love continues your fakes about your no-flight the 19th December
Tickets, I pushed you? Everyone will see messages and make his own opinion
"Yes, I also like to come back it will be better than now in December would be ideal or in November"
"Well looking forward, will we go to Christmas markets"
"to be either before the birthday or after the birthday"
Each one is able to see all your messages and the Truth about you so continue your fakes lies!!!
First long meeting with this bad escort. She changed dates after bought tickets as she forgot a production in Germany... Her arrival was a disaster, she was completely tired, bad make-up and didn't go out during 2 days Moreover she had woman period during our dates and she forgot too
All was booked since 3rd November for her flights for 4 days meeting (from 19 to 23 December)
At the end the day of the meeting, she makes NO SHOW and no explanation from her.
NO SHOW from this escort
So really take care about this escort, she is really unrespectful
Very old lady with fake photos
I love you, you are so natural
Damn so beautiful can't wait to taste you again and feel you again requestam
I saw you back in October and I have to see you again! Are you in Amsterdam this weekend because I have not had such an amazing experience in my life as wit you. Cant wait to see you again
Kapiyi açtığında zaten yarım saatlik süreyi 1 saate uzattim. Büyük göğüs, biçimli kalça, hard porno. Büyük göğüs ve biçimli kalça sevenler için birebir. Hayatımda ilk defa bir porno yıldızını sikiyormuşum gibi hissettim. Gidecek arkadaşlara tavsiyem kesinlikle 2 saat ayarlayın ve bu kızın anal servisinden muhakkak faydalanın. Kaçırmayın.
Min pate, i kritiki pou egrapse kapoios filow pou edwsw vathmologia 1 einai alithinos. Eixa paei kai egw palia kai ta idia ekane kai se emena.
I have been with this girl a couple of times, she is cute! I was surprised, she does not smoke cigarettes !!! that she doesn’t speak badly of others, and he has a muscular body. He showed me his dominance in sports, when I arrived in Ankara, sex was hot, I want to come again. thanks for getting to know
She is wonderful, very tall and fully recommendable. Half Russian/half Spanish, a perfect mix. Enjoyed my time with her.
Great girl. On my list for the next trip to BCN
Truly one of the most beautiful girls on this site and sooo sexy! How to get in touch?
Nice girl. Tempting. However, no contact info as it seems. A pitty
 - escort comment
Hi girl! You best baby
loveAngelica, my love, as always on top. Beautiful and lovely girl. The figure is a bomb, perfect ass and a cool breast. She has amazing hot sex with lots of kisses, and she loves it.
She is amazing person with communication. Always she has clean room and nice stuff.
I’ll back to her for sure with big pleasures
Απίστευτη Γυναίκα με απίστευτη διάθεση , δεν μετανιώνεις στιγμή για τον χρόνο και το χρήμα που ξόδεψες ,
Κορμάρα απο τις λίγες , και χωρίς να το παίζει όπως μερικές μερικές .
Θα την ξαναδώ 1000%
Φιλια παντού ...
Masha, such a tender, sexy, experienced lady. She fulfilled all my sexual desires. I am delighted. Guys recommend it. I am still impressed. She has a soft, kind character. Sexy voice and her moans - I can’t forget. Everything is real. Big original breasts. Baby wanna see you again and again Thank you for the holiday.
Baby you are so nice. Pls Come to Ankara lovelove
pls come to Ankara baby
Η Nikol ειναι ενα κοριτσι παθιασμενο , με αριστοκρατικη εμφανιση ,μορφωμενη ,χαρουμενη , φιλικη , ερωτικη , λεπτο αρωματισμενο βελουδινο σωμα , φυσικο στηθος !!!! Οταν με κοιταζει με τα πρασινα ματια της χανω το μυαλο μου !!!! Φιλαει με τα καταπληκτικα χειλη της οπως φιλαει η φιλη σου .. Πρωτα ενα ντουζ μετα ονειρεμενο στοματικο με απαλη μουσικη σε ρωμαντικο περιβαλον , σε ολο το σωμα μετα το 69 μετα πολλες θεσεις και στασεις τελειωνονταςξεχνας ποιος εισαι !!! Αυτο το κοριτσι για να το απολαυσεις θελει αρκετο χρονο μαζι της !!!! Οι foto ειναι πραγματικες ...Η Nikol ειναι η αρχη και το τελος του SEX !!!!!!
hello all i really used to meet some escorts on paris but the experience i can tell you that i rarely meet an escort with the qualities of mila it recommend it especially she s super she s the best photos authentic and put the heart in what she does its real escort. thank you mila you re on top a real VIP KISSES SEE YOU LATER IN PARIS . take care of her it s the experience that tells you
giannis 122112: Nikol ενα κοριτσι συνοδειαςγια gentlemen Υψηλου επιπεδου και πολλων καρατιων !!!! οι foto original ... Αρχιζει με ερωτικο striptease με ομορφη μουσικη πολλα φιλια μετα το φαλο στο στομα εδω ειναι ονειρο , κανει crazy πραγματα !!! Μετα στο σφηκτο κολπο της με απαλες κινησεις χαδια τελιωσα φοναζοντας εισαι μοναδικη !!!60 min δεν φτανουν .ειναι οτι καλυτερο εχω γνωρισει !!!!!!
giannis 122112 . Το ονομα της Nikol , Ειναι ενα κοροτσι με φυσικη ομορφια, χαρουμενη , Super σωμα μοδελου ,πρασινα ματια ,φυσικο στηθος !!!!! Ειναι ενα λαμπερο Αστερι ,με πολυ κεφι και παθος σε αυτα που κανει !!!!! Συνισταται 100 ,,,,,,,,
Η πιο δραστήρια escorts στο Sex. Δεν σταματά να φιλιά με γλώσσα, να γλυφει, να ρουφάει, να χαίρεσαι τα πάντα. Το θέλει πολύ το δυνατό sex και το δείχνει συνέχεια. Περιμένω να έρθει πάλι Θεσσαλονίκη
 - escort comment
Its not a realy photo, my im the girl in the photo , this use my pictures without my consent
Amazing woman ..I want to see u soon !! A had a great time with you.. love , Stefanos
Baby, it was unforgettable time with you! You are like a dream! Hope to see you again, kisses
yes its good i love you lela
you won't regret it
this is very nice and very good .you are profesional. thank youuuulove
Masha Trotsko 'nun resimleridir. Uyandırayım. Sitenin daha kaliteli olması için fake hesapların engellenmesine yardımcı olalım.
First time user. What are your costs. Sorry sir being so direct
Dear, your massage is PERFECT! Please write me about Tenga Egg what is it, maybe will come to try.
Sweet , tender , knows how to make you feel comfortable, clean , and above all that , her body , ass and dick taste delicious . Hope to see her again soon in cyprus. Best experiences i had . lovelove
Babe I liked your style very much love Weekend is yours.. I sent you booking already.
Cem T.
tüm servisler isteksiz, hatun zaten folloş olmuş, delikler geniş, hiçbirşey hissedilmiyor. bütün reviewleri fake, gerçek reviewler bloklanıyor. Dikkat edin paranızı kaptırmayın
Small but very clean and nice apartment in downtown Nicosia. Pleasant surprise from the size and shape of the breast. Payment. Bath. Beautiful breasts with hard nipples. Still excited. Photos are older. She enjoys sex. Speak in Greek. her first shot was a half meter, the other was weak. All positions super. She made her feelings known loudly. I really liked it.
resimdeki kız değil. son derece vasat.
Dear Estel, you are very beautiful and I'm very interested about your Pudra . I have available time next weekend and would like to.visit you. I know you are very beautiful. I think I saw you in lobby when I was at your hotel tonight:) You were taking on Reception. I liked your way of taking & moving very much winked Please accept my sincere respect to your beauty. See you soon dear love
Hello dear agency:) I like photos of this girl very much, could you prove this girl is real, not fake?. Could you add some selfies please? . Because ifake she is fake, I will write review. Thank you for understanding
Good service, normal communication, right, but she is so big woman, I think near 90 kg in real. So, if you want a thin woman its not about her. Little disappointed. no

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